Beyonce - The Soundtracks Collection (2011)

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RnB - Rap - VBR Kbps - 421.41 MB

CD 1:
01. Dreamgirls (with Jennifer Hudson & Anika Noni Rose)
02. If Looks Could Kill (You Would Be Dead) (with Mos Def & SamSam Sarpong)
03. Work It Out
04. Lorell Loves Jimmy / Family (with Sharon Leal & Anika Noni Rose)
05. He Still Loves Me (with Walter Williams, Sr.)
06. Summertime (with Diddy)
07. Move (with Jennifer Hudson & Anika Noni Rose)
08. Fighting Temptation (with Missy Elliott, MC Lyte & FREE)
09. One Night Only (with Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose & Sharon Leal)
10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
11. Family (End Title) (with Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, KeithKeith Robinson & Anika)
12. Stop That! (with Mekhi Phifer)
13. Have Your Way (with Kelly Rowland)
14. Steppin To The Bad Side (with Hinton Battle, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murpy)
15. Listen
16. I Want You Baby (with Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy & Anika Noni Rose)
17. Cards Never Lie (with Wyclef Jean & Rah Digga)
18. Hard to Say Goodbye (with Sharon Leal & Anika Noni Rose)
19. Check On It
20. Heavy (with Jennifer Hudson & Anika Noni Rose)
21. At Last
22. When I First Saw You (duet with Jamie Foxx)
23. Once A Fool (with Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams & William Floyd)
24. I Know (with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams)
25. Get On The Bus (with Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams & Timbaland)
26. No More Rainy Days (with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams)

CD 2:
01. Everything I Do
02. After All Is Said and Done (with Marc Nelson)
03. The Last Great Seduction (with Mekhi Phifer)
04. Time to Come Home (with Melba Moore & Angie Stone)
05. Fake Your Way to the Top (with Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy & Anika Noni Rose)
06. Hey Goldmember (with Devin & Solange)
07. Keep Giving Your Love to Me
08. Its All Over (with Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Sharon Leal, Keith Robinson & Anika)
09. Fever
10. Wishing On A Star
11. Family (with Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Keith Robinson & Anika Noni Rose)
12. A Woman Like Me
13. Daddy
14. Im Somebody (with Sharon Leal & Anika Noni Rose)
15. Trust In Me
16. Once In A Lifetime
17. Flaws And All
18. Smash Into You
19. Id Rather Go Blind
20. Step on Over (with Sharon Leal & Anika Noni Rose)
21. All I Could Do Was Cry
22. Cadillac Car (with Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose, Jennifer Hudson, Rory OMalley)
23. Independent Women (with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams)
24. Big Mommas Theme (with Da Brat, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams & Vita)
25. Dot (with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams)
26. Stimulate Me (with Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams & Mocha)

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